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Urbino 12 Hybrid

The Solaris hybrid novelty is equipped with a serial hybrid drive by U.S. producer BAE Systems – the HybriDrive. This technology is based on an electric engine fuelled with power from a power storage facility. This, in turn is charged with the help of a generator using a low-capacity Cummins diesel engine (a 210 HP Cummins ISB4.5E6). This environmental-friendly, partially electric drive allows to significantly reduce fuel consumption and pollutant emission into the atmosphere. The new hybrid Urbino 12 Solaris offers also the possibility to install a Start/Stop system, which allows to completely turn off the diesel engine during stopovers and which allows to leave it in zero-emission mode. Furthermore customers can opt for an Arrive-and-Go system which additionally turns off the diesel engine when the bus is approaching a stop. Thanks to those solutions the hybrid bus of Solaris resembles an electric bus in functionality and according to various tests it is able to save up to 20 percent of the fuel needed by similar vehicles with a conventional drive. And to top it off, the engine is so quiet that the noise level can be reduced significantly, which comes in handy in particular in overcrowded city centres. The new Urbino 12 Hybrid boasts exceptional drive parameters, but what makes it stand out is the forceful, though smooth acceleration. One of the main features of the drive is that it recuperates kinetic energy during braking and then this energy is transformed and stored as electric power in a storage facility placed on the roof of the bus. The vehicle presented during the IAA is equipped with 11.6 kWh batteries. Soon two more energy-storing options will be on offer: 0.82 kWh super-condensers and 31.8 kWh lithium-ion batteries. The way the hybrid system elements are distributed (in the engine tower and on the roof of the vehicle) does not affect the number of passenger seats in the bus. The offered seat layouts in the new Solaris hybrid are the same as in the Urbino 12 with a conventional Cummins engine.

Technical data

Engine Standard Cummins ISB4,5 E6 210 (157 kW)
Hybrid system Standard type: serial
Traction motor of 120 kW continuous power
Generator of 145kW power
Energy storage system
Fuel tank Standard 200 litres
Option 310 litres
AdBlue-tank Standard 40 litres
Auxiliary heating system Option additional heater
additional biofuel heater with a separate Eberspächer tank
Front axle Standard ZF independent suspension
Option ZF rigid suspension
Drive axle Standard ZF gantry axle
Central lubrication Standard central lubrication point - solid oil
Option central lubrication system with self-diagnostic - semi-fluid oil
Steering Standard ZF Servocom
Brakes Standard EBS electronic (dual-circuit) braking system incorporating the anti-blocking system (ABS) and the traction control system (ASR), parking (hand) brake with emergency release function from the driver’s seat, bus stop brake
Auxiliary break Standard electrodynamic brake
Suspension levelling system Standard ECAS air suspension with kneeling function, raising by some 60 mm, lowering by 70 mm
Bodywork frame Standard stainless steel
Side panels Standard stainless steel and aluminium panels
Door arrangement Option 1-2
Maximum entrance height Standard all doors - 320 mm
Access ramp Standard wheelchair ramp at the 2nd entrance, positioned and stowed away manually
Passenger capacity seated Standard max.  37 + 1 (depending on specification)
Ventilation and air-conditioning
Air-conditioning in the driver's cabin Option with electrical drive
Air-conditioning in the passenger compartment Option with mechanical drive
Ventilation system Standard dual-function fans (blowing and extraction facility)
Roof hatches Standard electric
Passenger compartment heating system Standard convector-type heaters, 2-stage blowers
Electrical system
Wiring looms and boards Standard CAN-bus based electrical system


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