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Tramino Braunschweig

The Solaris Tramino for Braunschweiger Verkehrs-AG are uni-directional low-floor vehicles, consisting of four body sections at an overall length of 35.7 metres. They are 2.3 metre wide. Each vehicle section has its own bogie for Brunswick’s track gauge of 1,100 mm.
Each air-conditioned tram for Braunschweig has a capacity of 211 passengers, including 87 seated. There are six sets of double doors, each 1,300 mm wide. One of them is located right behind the driver’s cab, where there is also the wheelchair space. The space for prams is located by the fourth and sixth doors.
Every section rests on one centrally-mounted bogie. Consequently, the weight of the tram is evenly distributed. The vehicle is more stable and the forces transmitted through the articulations are much smaller. They are the second batch of trams from Solaris’s GTx family.
The Tramino Braunschweig is equipped with five 90 kW asynchronous traction motors and supercapacitors, where recuperated energy is stored. The energy is then reused when starting tram’s operation. The vehicle is also fitted with a system which stabilises its body.

Technical data

Total length of vehicle   35740 mm
Width of body shell   2300 mm
Internal width of body shell (maximum)   2090 mm
Height at retracted pantograph   3560 mm
Number of body sections   4
Number of powered bogies   1
Number of bogies with one drive axle   3
Track gauge   1100 mm
New wheel diameter   662 mm
Worn wheel diameter   580 mm
Minimum horizontal curve radius   20 m
Floor height above top of rail   360 mm
Percentage of low-floor area   100%
Number of seats   87
Number of standees   124 (4 passengers/m2)
Number of wheelchair spaces   1
Number double-leaf doors (width 1300 mm)   6
Network voltage   660 V (+120 V, -180 V)
Number and power rating of traction motors   5 x 90 kW
Traction motors   asynchronous
Design maximum speed   75 km/h
Maximum speed   70 km/h
Air conditioning driver's cabin   standard
Air conditioning passenger compartment   standard
Tram life expectancy   40 years
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