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Tramino Jena

According to specification, Jena were supplied with three-section, fully low-floor bidirectional trams. They are 29.3 metres long and 2.3 metres wide. In terms of construction, the vehicles differ significantly from the Tramino Poznań. These are the first GTx trams produced by Solaris. With their construction, the vehicles fit Jena’s network perfectly, not only in terms of its infrastructure of tram tacks and depots, but also the existing tram fleet.
Jenaer Nahverkehr GmbH has ordered five Solaris Tramino. Each of them is equipped with an air-conditioning system for the driver’s cab and passenger area. The vehicles can fit a total of 168 passengers, 61 of them seated. Every section is based on one centrally-mounted bogie. Consequently, the weight of every section is evenly distributed, the vehicle is more stable and the forces transmitted through the articulations are much smaller.
The Tramino Jena has four double doors per side, with a total width of 1300 mm each. One pair of them is located right behind the driver’s cab, where there is also the wheelchair space. The Tramino Jena is the first tram operating in Germany which was supplied by a Polish manufacturer.

Technical data

Total length of vehicle   29300 mm
Width of body shell   2300 mm
Internal width of body shell (maximum)   2090 mm
Height at retracted pantograph   3600 mm
Number of body sections   3
Number of powered bogies   1
Number of bogies with one drive axle   2
Track gauge   1000 mm
New wheel diameter   662 mm
Worn wheel diameter   580 mm
Minimum horizontal curve radius   20 m
Floor height above top of rail   360 mm
Percentage of low-floor area   100%
Number of seats   61
Number of standees   103 (4 passengers/m2)
Number of wheelchair spaces   2
Number double-leaf doors (width 1300 mm)   8
Network voltage   660 V (+165 V, -200 V)
Number and power rating of traction motors   4 x 90 kW
Traction motors   asynchronous
Design maximum speed   75 km/h
Maximum speed   70 km/h
Air conditioning driver's cabin   standard
Air conditioning passenger compartment   standard
Tram life expectancy   30 years
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