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Tramino Poznań

Created by a team of experienced professionals, the Tramino Poznań is the first tram produced by Solaris. Taking into account the diverse needs of passengers, it offers the highest travel comfort. Classic wheelsets and no steps at the entrance and inside the vehicle provide a low floor along the entire length of the tram. This solution makes the tram fully accessible and comfortable for all passengers. The Tramino Poznań is 32 metres long and 2.4 metres wide. To facilitate rapid passenger flows even during peak hours, it is equipped with four extra-wide 1.500 mm double-leaf doors. The air-conditioned tram carries up to 229 passengers, 48 of them seated. In 2012, the Solaris Tramino Poznań was honoured with the TOP Design Award, presented at Arena Design exhibition in Poznań. This prize, together with the high technical availability confirmed by Poznań City Transport (MPK), proves the tram’s reliability and uniqueness. The Tramino Poznań has won the hearts of the city's inhabitants, becoming an integral part of Poznań's urban landscape.

Technical data

Total length of vehicle   32026 mm
Width of body shell   2400 mm
Internal width of body shell (maximum)   2195 mm
Height at retracted pantograph   3760 mm
Number of body sections   5
Number of powered bogies   2
Number of non-powered bogies   1
Track gauge   1435 mm
New wheel diameter   620 mm
Worn wheel diameter   540 mm
Minimum horizontal curve radius   18 m
Floor height above top of rail   350 mm
Percentage of low-floor area   100%
Number of seats   48 (+5 folding seats)
Number of standees   181 (5 passengers/m2)
Number of wheelchair spaces   2
Number of single-leaf doors (width 750 mm)   2
Number double-leaf doors (width 1500 mm)   4
Network voltage   600 V (+120 V,-200 V)
Number and power rating of traction motors   4 x 105 kW
Traction motors   asynchronous
Design maximum speed   80 km/h
Maximum speed   70 km/h
Air conditioning driver's cabin   standard
Air conditioning passenger compartment   standard
Tram life expectancy   30 years
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